DC vs. Marvel Mirror War

DC vs. Marvel: Black Panther vs. BatmanDC vs. Marvel: Deathstroke vs. Dead PoolDC vs. Marvel: Superman vs. HyperionDC vs. Marvel: Quicksilver vs. The FlashDC vs. Marvel: The Submariner vs. Aqua ManDC vs. Marvel: Dr. Strange vs. Dr. FateDC vs. Marvel: Dark Seid vs. ThanosDC vs. Marvel: Ant-Man vs. The AtomDC vs. Marvel: Black Cat vs. CatwomanDC vs. Marvel: Hawk-Eye vs. Green ArrowDC vs. Marvel: Plastic Man vs. Mr. FrantasticDC vs. Marvel: The Hulk vs. DoomsdayDC vs. Marvel: Nightwing vs. DaredevilDC vs. Marvel: Iron Man vs. CyborgDC vs. Marvel: Wonder Woman vs. Thor

Comic book publishers are NOTORIOUS for copying characters from their competitors, renaming┬áthem (sometimes, barely) and inserting them into their own universes. And sometimes those characters go head to head in epic cross-over comics, because they know we want to see it! Graphic designer and artist Mustafa Raza┬áhas created an awesome gallery called the “Mirror War” featuring some of your favorite DC characters vs. their Marvel Counterparts. You can see the whole gallery HERE.