I don’t have a problem admitting when I’m wrong, cause it happens a lot. So here we go. I’ve previously shit all of over the Supergirl (TV series) on CBS after seeing the pilot at ComiCon in San Diego, and then sporadically watching a few episodes online. I wasn’t impressed with the writing, some of the costumes (Silver Banshee… c’mon!) were meh, and I felt like it was lacking the edge that Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow have on the CW. But in preparation for Supergirl’s Season 2 premiere tonight on a new network (the CW, where it should’ve been all along), I went back and rewatched all of Season 1. And you know what? I was wrong. Or at least after the epic Flash/ Supergirl crossover episode I was, because it got good. Flash level good. I may have teared up Kevin Smith style during a couple of episodes towards the back end of the season. So I’m excited for Season 2 of the series that should’ve been on the CW/ Berlanti-verse the whole time, and I can’t wait to see how Flash-Point affects Cara Danver’s universe. And I should’ve never underestimated the genius that is the Berlanti/ Kreisberg Universe. Supergirl premieres tonight on the CW at 8 PM.