Welcome to “Sex, Jokes & Rock n’ Roll…” The website about all the stuff I love, all the stuff that my friends love, and all the stuff that you love!

It’s the companion website to the “Sex, Jokes & Rock n’ Roll” podcast with Stand Up Comedian, U.S. Army Veteran, and Rocker Thom Tran.

The Podcast

New episodes of theĀ “Sex, Jokes & Rock n’ Roll…” are released on iTunes every Monday! You can listen here, or download and subscribe! Make sure to Follow us on Twitter @sexjokesrock and Like us o Facebook at facebook.com/sexjokesrock

The Website

TheĀ “Sex, Jokes & Rock n’ Roll…” website will be a weekly (or more) roundup of all the stuff I love! It’s hot girls, awesome guitars, comedy, nerd stuff, food, hockey, guns, ‘murica and anything else that makes you go, “Fuck yeah!”